There's magic in the air around the holidays. That magic comes from memories - new and old, with friends or family. A holiday home is made from those memories. And often, a trinket or decoration can become a cherished part of those memories.

I believe that the decorations that catch your eye will someday touch the hearts of your loved ones. They'll become more than "things" that you hang on your tree. They'll be a reminder of memories. Adventures that you had. Things you've seen. Memories of warmth and love. They'll become heirlooms to be treasured. 

I hope you enjoy what you see here, and that something that I've painted touches your heart to become a part of your holiday traditions. 

- Stephanie

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National Parks Ornaments are Now Available!

I'm bursting with joy and excitement. Today is the day. It's the first official opening day at Yellowstone National Park, and my ornaments are there. In the gift shops. For sale.  Somebody pinch me! Sure, I've painted and sold thousands of ornaments over the past several years. But each of those I've had a hand in selling. At craft shows, I get to meet my...

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Announcing - My National Park Ornament Collection!

Something big is happening, and I can't contain my excitement! I had sent in a message to a contact form. You know, the kind where you hope someone is monitoring it? (My contact form is definitely monitored, by the way!)  Well, within an hour I had an answer. The company that runs concessions in several National Parks was on the other end of that email,...

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