As we Finish 2023...

‘Twas the week after Christmas
The elves took a rest
This holiday season
Was by far the best
We had charged through the year
Orders left and right
Til the very last moment
When the end was in sight
We had more elves this year
Yet we still felt the pinch
Of the rush to meet deadlines
(Without becoming a Grinch)
But the joy was so strong
Even our busiest days
We just kept skating through
In a glittery haze
Next week we’ll all gather
And chat and eat cake
To plan for the year
And new ornaments we’ll make
This past year was great
Even with a few panics
I’m sure that the next one
We’ll still be quite frantic
But what we make is pure magic
What we do is great fun
What we create makes sweet smiles
For everyone
As we finish this year
And we close the shop tight
We wish “Merry Christmas to all,
We’ll relax… for one night.”