Make your artificial tree look spectacular with these insider tips!

Let's think about the perfect Christmas tree for a minute. Like the kind that Clark W. Griswold Jr. went hunting for as the centerpiece of his fun old-fashioned family Christmas.
Tall. Bright green.
Full of sap.
And possibly a squirrel.
That's not ideal. And that's also why so many people use artificial trees now.
My family is guilty of this too. Even my parents moved over to an artificial tree. The amount of work that goes into a real tree is ... well ... much.
But let's talk about the biggest problem with artificial trees. Those dang holes. That's why they seem so fake! They're not full like our image of a perfect tree should be.
So today I'm going to suggest a few ideas that you might want to use to fill in those holes. Including some you probably haven't seen anywhere else. So let's make your tree look extra magical this year.
One of the best ways I've found to fill in those holes is with inexpensive, basic ornaments. Buy yourself a set of glass (or shatterproof) ornaments that you can hang inside the holes. You can even get mixed color assortments to fit a color theme on your tree! Keep in mind, these are going to be fillers, so you won't really see them very much. And that means you shouldn't spend much money on them. But they'll fill up those gaps, for sure.
This gorgeous natural trend is a perfect way to fill in gaps while giving your tree a rustic look. You can find them at most craft stores now. Tie a ribbon or a piece of twine to the ball and hang them deep inside your tree gaps. They take up space without distraction.
This one is super fun. Buy some extra-large pompoms (or make them yourself with a handy tool like this one). Then let's make them into fluffy snowball ornaments. Using a needle and some thread, pull the thread through the middle of the pompom and back again. This makes a loop on one side. Then tie a knot on the loose ends. If you do this with a bunch of pompoms you'll have a lovely winter wonderland scene... and no gaps in your tree.
4. Colonial oranges
If you want to go traditional, you could make ornaments from real oranges. I have a thing for old fruit... so I couldn't do this myself. Instead, you can get the same look with some crafting. Get some styrofoam balls from the craft store. Paint them bright orange all over using a sponge brush. While the paint is still wet, highlight some large areas with the tiniest bit of yellow paint and blend it in well. When the paint is dry, use whole cloves from the spice section of the supermarket as an accent. And make it smell divine. These fill the holes, and add a welcoming holiday spice scent to your room at the same time.
5. Fabric Poinsettias
The fake poinsettias at the craft store can do more than decorate your front porch this winter. The big, bright red or Burgundy flowers will be a gorgeous way to fill the gaps. Or you know those floral "picks" at the craft store? They're a small cluster of flowers or berries on a stick. (I personally never knew what to do with them.) Get some picks with berries, pine cones, and flowers together, and use those to fill up any gaps.
What tricks have you found to fill in those artificial tree gaps? Share them in the comments below!

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