A turning point

It started as something small. Just a simple email. 

I had just left my job unexpectedly after 7 years. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I had plenty of options. With my background in science and management, I could get another lab job in no time. 

But did I want to? Was this a turning point in my career, and my life? One where I could actually consider what I wanted, instead of what was the logical next step. 

So I sent that email. Actually, I submitted a message on a contact form. It basically said, "I'm an ornament painter in upstate NY, and I'm curious if you might be interested in what I create." 

Within an hour, I had my answer, and it was "yes." 

Doubt crept in. This has always just been my hobby. I'm a scientist. I need to find a job in a lab. 

But then my heart and a bit of faith took the wheel. I can do this. I'm meant to do this. This was the gift that I was given.

Sure, ornaments may seem simple compared to microscopes and proteins. But microscopes and proteins don't touch people's hearts. (okay, nerdy science moment... in my previous work, they did. We studied motor proteins that are involved in heart contractions. But I digress). 

So this is my new reality, and I plan to make the most of it. Where will it take me? I don't know. But I'll share with you next week where it's starting. 

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