Announcement: Ceramic Easter eggs are my newest thing!

Today’s a big day for me and my shop. I’m over the moon to tell you that I’m launching a small collection of hand painted ceramic Easter eggs!
Remember how I told you about my Gram? Well, when I was a little girl, we didn’t just paint ornaments. Each spring, she would go to the ceramic store and pick up a bunch of tiny bisque ceramic eggs, chicks and bunnies. She’d bring them home, along with a collection of ceramic paints, and we would go to work.
I painted countless ceramic eggs during my childhood. One was never enough. I would paint 4, 5 each spring to add to my basket. We also swapped some of them between our baskets.
It was magical. The beginning of spring is forever connected to painting at Gram’s table.
When I was thinking about what I could add to my shop, eggs were a natural addition. I looked through my own heirloom basket of ceramic eggs for inspiration.
Instead of the dots and lines I painted on those eggs, I settled on something timeless. I'm making tiny “framed” paintings – vignettes – on the front of each egg.
I’m starting with 6 designs this year. Irises, tulips, butterflies... you know, my favorites.
Jump over to my Etsy shop to grab yours today. The quantities will be limited this year as I test the waters, but if all goes well, I’ll make this section grow each year!

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