Announcing - My National Park Ornament Collection!

Something big is happening, and I can't contain my excitement!

I had sent in a message to a contact form. You know, the kind where you hope someone is monitoring it? (My contact form is definitely monitored, by the way!) 

Well, within an hour I had an answer. The company that runs concessions in several National Parks was on the other end of that email, and they were interested in my ornaments. 

My ornaments.

Squeeee!!!! The joy that was pumping through my heart at that moment was immense. 

So I mustered up the most confident, professional response I could. Of course, I had to include something to show my excitement. Something like, "I'm thrilled to hear back from you," when what I really wanted to say was "You really like me? Awwww! Let's be best friends." 

After lots of logistics, planning, designing and setup, I'm thrilled to announce that my ornaments will be headed to two National Parks this summer. 

First up, Yellowstone National Park, which is re-opening for the season at the end of April. They'll have 5 of my ornament designs spread across their 10 gift shops. They include some of the most iconic scenes of the park, including Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful!

(Did I ever, in a million years, think I'd be painting Old Faithful on an ornament? Well... yes, because I painted one for my family and one for my parents a few years ago... but not for hundreds of other people!) 

Next, Rocky Mountain National Park, which is re-opening for the season at the end of May. They'll have 5 other ornament designs in their gift shop, mainly highlighting the deer, moose and birds that call the park home. 

 I'll be putting together a page on this site to give a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of each ornament design. When it's ready, I'll post a new blog post about it!

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