Another big change! Out with the Old (name) in with the New (name)

I'm so excited to share the news that I'm rebranding! 

For those of you who have followed me for a while, or who met me in person at a craft show or event, you know my shop as Phylogeny Art. 

But... let's be honest. It's hard to spell. Harder to pronounce. Even harder yet to understand how it makes sense for an ornament shop. (As a scientist, I thought the name made sense with all of the paintings I was doing at the time of flowers, butterflies, and birds - those have since been moved to another Etsy shop called Harmony Mill Paperie... so since that move, the name hasn't even made sense to me!). 

I recruited some help for my renaming process, and I'm thrilled to say I've chosen the perfect name. 

Introducing: Cedar + Pearl (spoken as Cedar and Pearl)!

I wanted a name that would be more approachable than my old name, of course. But I also wanted the new name to mean something.

As you know, I am a firm believer that your holiday decorations aren't just "things." Of course, they're important to you because you chose them. But they may be more important to your family. Some day, those ornaments will be cherished family treasures. And I wanted that idea to play a big role in my new name. 


As a wood, it has that warm, holiday scent. It's a hint toward the nature themes that take a prominent place in all of my designs. But it's also the wood that's used in creating heirloom cedar chests. They get passed down through the family. They hold our treasures. For that reason especially, I loved using the word Cedar. 


Cedar, alone, would be misleading. I don't really use wood in my artwork. In fact, what I use is breakable - the opposite of a sturdy piece of wood. For that reason, I decided to pair the steadfast "Cedar" with the precious "Pearl." As a piece of jewelry, pearls are family treasures passed down through the generations. They hold a special place in our life events, like weddings. But their delicate, round shape helps connect to my ornaments, hanging like precious pearls on a tree. 

So there you have it. Cedar + Pearl, a rebirth of sorts for my business. I hope you love it as much as I do...

...especially because you'll be able to pronounce it when someone asks, "Where did you get that beautiful ornament?"

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