Bringing this year's solar eclipse to your holidays

When a customer shops with me again, it's an honor. When a customer thinks of you years later for a VERY special request, it's humbling.
That's exactly what happened last month. I got an email from a customer that had me make a custom ornament years ago. She had a great idea - an ornament to commemorate this year's solar eclipse! Their area was going to be in the full eclipse zone, and she wanted an ornament to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime event at their farm.
It took some thinking, but I love how it came out! The navy blue ball gives the feel of the darkness. I decided to paint the eclipse as a black circle with an edge in yellow - and a halo of pearl paint to make it shimmer. The farm and fields included the most important points. The tractor, a windmill, and tiny yellow flowers.
This one was so much fun to paint, I'm offering custom eclipse ornaments in my Etsy shop for a limited time!

Here's how the custom eclipse ornaments will work:

You send me photos of wherever you watched the eclipse from
I take 2-3 weeks to paint it and varnish it
I send you pictures in progress so you can see a sneak-peek
And I send it to you!
Jump over to my Etsy shop now to grab one for yourself!
** UPDATE **
I've completed my eclipse ornament orders (26 of them!) and will be taking the listing down to make room for my other ornaments that need to be painted before the holiday season. But they will be available again in the future when other eclipse events happen! Stay tuned, or email me for more info! ( 

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