A new Etsy shop - I’ve finally decided to take the leap

I’m thrilled to spread the news! My entire collection of stationery and wall art will be moving to a new home in a new Etsy shop. Introducing Harmony Mill Paperie on Etsy!


Wait! Before you panic… here's what you need to know.

  1. My ornaments are staying put, and that collection will continue to grow on Phylogeny Art.
  2. My cards are exactly the same as they’ve always been - same beautiful designs, same great paper quality, and
  3. it’s still me working behind both storefronts on Etsy.

Then why am I making this change? It’s something I’ve debated behind the scenes for years. Sure, there’s a benefit to having everything under one roof. But I've always felt that there was a disconnect between my collections.

To be honest, when I said "debated," that was an understatement. I’ve struggled with this decision for years. But I've also struggled with the balancing act of running both collections in the same store.

Case in point: whenever I communicated with my followers I felt like I was leaving out half of my followers….

My spring newsletters would introduce new notecard designs or my newest flower painting. But those months my ornament customers may have felt forgotten... or worse... they may have wondered why they signed up for a stationery newsletter! My fall and winter newsletters introduced new ornament designs and decorating ideas. But those months my stationery customers got left out of the loop.

So, the time has come to give each collection its own home. They each deserve a chance to thrive in their own spotlight .

I suspect some of you are thinking that I'm jumping into a big, unnecessary change. But I’ve looked at all the information available to me about the history of my shop. I've weighed all the possibilities. And I know that this change is going to benefit both collections as they both move forward.

Here's what you can expect. The Harmony Mill Paperie Etsy shop will be completely by mid-May. Meanwhile, both shops will be open during the transition.

I am so very thankful to all my followers. For both collections! And I look forward to growing them BOTH with you for many years to come!


Rediscover my stationery and wall art collection at Harmony Mill Paperie:



Or shop my collection of Christmas ornaments and Easter eggs at Phylogeny Art:






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