Hand painted ornaments are more than a business. They're my past and my present.

My background in painting ornaments started when I was little. Every week Gram had a new project for me after family dinner. She would cover up her fancy dining table with an old tablecloth and we would get to work. 


With Christmas approaching each year, Gram had a new ornament design to try. Some were stitched, others beaded. But painted ornaments were my favorite. They turned into miniature works of art. They were nothing like what I paint today! Those  aged glass balls with their trains and snowmen and trees - they're priceless. 

I started painting ornaments again after Gram passed away. Getting back into painting them was an emotional challenge. But that first year I gave them as Christmas gifts for family members in memory of her.

My shop grew from that first collection of ornaments. Since then, each ornament I've painted has reminded me of Gram. I get such joy knowing that each ornament brings cheer to someone's holiday home.

She would have loved to see this.

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