Shortage of Certain Ornaments

As coronavirus has impacted so much of our world, my small business is no exception. 

For years, I've painted on glass ornaments that I purchase directly from a fantastic factory in Arizona. This year with the virus spreading, their factory has had to shut down for months on end. The end result is that this fall, their warehouse was so limited in stock that they've been unable to fill orders. 

My orders are included in this. I've had several hundred frosted glass ornaments on order since early this fall, but with production shut downs, they haven't been able to make them. 

This unfortunately impacts several of my most popular designs, including my birch/cardinal ornament, cardinal, and loon. I've looked into several other suppliers, but the story is the same... so many of us use the frosted glass ornaments that there aren't any available anywhere. 

So what am I doing about this? 

Well... first of all, I'm poised to paint like the dickens as soon as my order gets delivered in December. I want to get these designs in stock as quickly as possible. 

Second, I'm reworking a few of these designs to put them on other ornament colors that I do have in stock. A cardinal on a white ornament? Yes, that would look nice. They won't look exactly the same, but I hope that they'll be just as stunning in their own way. 

So thank you for your patience as I work through this supply problem. I hope to get as many of these beautiful ornaments in your hands this holiday season as possible. 

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