Stunning Snowflake ornaments

Another great request for custom ornaments!

This time, my customer and I chose large (4”!) clear glass ball ornaments. She wanted them to have a snowflake design on them. To make these stand out on the clear glass, I decided to use white paint and top it with white glitter.

I had made a series of snowflake ornaments last year, so I thought, "Easy! I'll adapt the same designs here!" But I had overlooked just how big these ornaments were! My snowflakes needed to be bigger, better, and more detailed than before.

I started with my original snowflake designs. But then I added more details, extra lines, dots, and of course rhinestones. I painted 4 large snowflakes and 4 small snowflakes on each ornament.

Didn't they come out beautiful?

snowflake ornaments hand painted on clear glass

I'm planning to make a smaller version for my shop next Christmas. I never use clear glass ornaments. But this opened my eyes to how gorgeous they can be!


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