Hummingbird ornaments (That time I mistook an ornament order for an invite to Vegas)

My college bestie sent me a message about a “crazy idea” she had. I have to admit that my first thought had nothing to do with ornaments.
But really, she wanted me to create a set of 4 custom ornaments as a gift for her mom.
They both love hummingbirds. And how cool would it be to have 4 ornaments all on her tree featuring a different hummingbird?
At first I thought this would be a major challenge. They’re so very different than my normal ornament designs.
In the end, I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed painting these. Such bright summer colors and textures!
My bestie – and her mom – loved them. And maybe I'll recreate some of these in the future. What do you think? Hummingbird ornaments should become a thing, right?
Do you have an idea for a custom ornament? Send me a message (email: phylogenyart (at) and we can talk about your idea and about my custom ornament pricing.

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