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The most surprising question I've been asked

Yesterday, a store owner who sells my ornaments asked me an eye-opening question. Do I paint the design once, then print it on a bunch of stickers, and wrap those around the ornaments?

If I had a mirror, I expect that I turned bright pink at this very moment. The answer to the question was a flat-out "NO!" but I couldn't say it that way!


Instead, it opened my eyes. Immediately.


To answer the question, I paint every ornament myself. Every one. Every single one. Hundreds a year. With my own two hands, my own brushes, my own paints, in my own studio. They're my miniature works of art - each and every one. And I take great pride in that!

To learn more about my painting process, jump over to this blog post from last year.

I even spill the beans on a few of my favorite tricks and tools!

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