Valentine's DIY Part 1 - A Valentine Tree

I recently saw a magazine feature about crafting a Valentine's tree centerpiece. It was stunning, with delicate branches and hand placed flower petals to make it look like it was in bloom.

But I'm busy, and hand placing petals isn't on my to-do list.

So here's an idea for a simple (i.e. quick and inexpensive) "tree" centerpiece. Even better, we can adjust it to fit the different holidays this spring … stay tuned for more DIY series!


Valentines tree centerpiece


What you'll need:

Natural branches

White spray paint

Vase (+filler if the vase is clear) - check your local dollar store for these!



A note about the branches:

My branches were from trimmings this fall. But the polar vortex may not be suitable for chopping off branches (for you or the tree)! So take a look at your local craft store. I found a bunch of birch branches at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 on sale for 50% off. They're nice and long, and there are lots of them to make a full centerpiece.


1) Measure your branches against your vase. Trim off the bottom of the branches to reach a good height.

2) Spray paint the branches with white paint. Do this in a well ventilated area! Or, in other words, brace yourself for the polar vortex and spray quickly. Spray paint needs to be warm enough to dry, so try your garage or basement overnight. That way you won't have to deal with the fumes as they dry. If you'd rather use regular white paint and a sponge brush you could do that too.

3) After the branches are dry, gather them into your vase. Add filler to keep them upright and weighted down. Arrange them so they hang over the edge of the vase for hanging decorations.


Tomorrow I'll share with you a few basic ideas for decorating!

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