Valentine's DIY Part 2 - Basic decorating

Your branch tree might look a little sad without decorations. So here are a few easy DIY ideas that you can use to make it more cheerful. Imagine this as a Valentine tree, and your ornaments are little notes and sweet things. Adding a few of these decorations goes a long way, so enjoy the process and how easy it is!


Valentines tree decorations

What you can use:

Ribbon or yarn



Heart decorations from the craft store


Paper mache heart + paint

Glass heart ornaments (shameless plug)


1) Pompoms - you may have some of these hanging around from kids craft projects. Or maybe you are lucky enough to have a pompom maker gadget. You'll obviously need more if your pompoms are tiny, or only just a few if you have large ones. Cut a bit of yarn and tie the ends in a knot. Place a large dab of glue on the pompom and attach the knot. Let the glue dry and you've got a set of colorful, fuzzy ornaments for your branches.

2) Heart decorations - check out your local craft store or dollar store. There are tons of little heart accents this time of year! I snagged these sweet felt hearts with open centers. But I also saw lots of foam pieces, plastic hearts and even crystals. Use what strikes your fancy... and your budget. Add loops with yarn or ribbon, just like the pompoms. I added 5 of my felt hearts to my branches, and they look perfectly sweet.

3) Paper mache hearts - my craft store ran out of them before I started this project (poor planning, I know). But I've seen small paper mache hearts there. I would have loved to paint a few of them with different shades of pink. Think an ombre heart collection. Cute right?


Next up - grown up Valentines for your tree!

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