Valentine's DIY Part 3 - Notes for your Sweethearts

Let's flash back to elementary school for a moment. For Valentine's Day you'd get out your scissors and construction paper and cut out big hearts. Then you'd write a little note. And then you'd decorate your little heart out. All the glitter, googley eyes and sequins in the craft box.

In this DIY we're going to make some grown up Valentines for your family.

What you'll need:

Grown up paper - scrapbook paper or nice stationery

A nice pen or marker





1) Pick some paper. If you have scrapbook paper already, use that. Otherwise you can usually pick up several pieces for $1 at the craft store. If you're shopping, pick up 3-4 pieces. You'll be writing on them. So choose ones with faint designs on the front, or ones with bright designs that show through the back a bit. Keep in mind that for Valentine's Day you'll probably want pinks, reds, or purples in your design.

2) Cut small hearts from the paper (remember as a kid folding your paper in half, and cutting a half heart shape? Do that.)

Paper hearts craft


3) Write a quick note to each family member. Be creative! You could use heart candies for inspiration if you needed to. But what about writing something you love about them? Maybe your daughter has a kind heart. Maybe your son has a flair for telling stories. Maybe your husband makes your coffee in the morning. Or "remember that time..." is always a good place to start.

Hand written valentines


4) Glue a loop of ribbon to your paper and let it dry.

5) Hang them on your tree with some other decorations. It's up to you if you want to point out the Valentines to your family... or let them discover the notes for themselves. What a sweet surprise that would be!


On the last day of this DIY series, I'll be sharing a craft project that takes a bit of work, but it's gorgeous.


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