Word of the Year 2019

At the beginning of each new year, I used to make some sort of resolution. I always failed within a month. So a few years ago I started choosing a focus word for the year. Have you tried this? It's a wonderful exercise and really gives guidance for the year ahead.
Thinking back on the last year, I lacked direction. I went along with the current, hoping not to get swept away.
I spent a lot of time (and money) trying to find a new method, a new mentor, a new direction to follow. I was hoping to find a magic solution to move me forward in my business and my career.
But my search focused on things outside of me.
And when I dig down to the root of it, the searching and wandering comes down to one thing. Belief. I didn't believe that I could do these things myself. I didn't believe I could make things work with my own knowledge and skill.
So for 2019, I've decided that my word will be "believe." I will reflect on this word anytime I'm feeling doubt or feeling lost. When I find myself searching for outside guidance, I'll consider this word.
Do I believe I can't answer this question on my own, with my own skillset and power? If I believe I can do it myself, I should try. If I don't believe I have the ability, I'll seek help from an expert.
Did you choose a word for 2019? I'd love to know what focus word you're following this year. Share it in the comments!

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