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A Definition for Mother’s Day

In my last post, I wrote up a Gift Guide for Mother’s Day and I loved thinking of all of the beautiful gifts that might come out of those suggestions.

But I didn’t expand on who I think those gifts could be for – Captain Obvious would say mothers.

Yes! Mothers. Not just your own mother, or the mother of your children. There are lots of lovely ladies in our lives that deserve a gift to say thanks for caring so much all year long, and Mother's Day can be a great day to do it.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide - Etsy 2016

Mother's day is on May 8 this year. I love giving gifts to my mom for her special day, and I bet she's not alone in loving to receive unique items that seem like they exist just for her. 

Handmade gifts are always unique and special - let's be honest, your mom will always love anything you make for her.

If you're a crafty type, plan to drop back in to the blog next week for a series of DIY tutorials for Mother's Day gifts. 

But let's also be honest here. There isn't always time for making that perfect handmade gift… 

So with a few weeks left until Mother's Day this year, I've done some searching on Etsy. I found some great handmade gift ideas that would be just as unique and special… and don't require a trip to the craft store! 

Here are 5 that caught my eye from a search for Mother's Day Gifts on Etsy.

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