Rocky Mountain Deer Ornament

Yellowstone Gold Deer Ornament

A deer wanders through the woods

When we saw deer on our trip, we stopped to watch.
We have whitetail deer at home, and see them often in fields and near forest edges.
But they seemed somehow more fascinating during our trip.
This ornament can be purchased at Rocky Mountain National Park, and would make a lovely set with the Gold Moose ornament.

The Sketch

Rocky Mountain Gold Deer Ornament Sketch

As I designed this ornament, I wanted the deer to stand out from the forest behind it.

The Prototype

Rocky Mountain Gold Deer Ornament

The layers of trees were painted in shades of gold. The deer needed to stand out, so I chose extra shiny gold metallic paint. I don't sketch the body shape first, as you'll see in the video. I freehand the shape and adjust it to make it just right. That way each deer is slightly different, and unique.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the Gold Deer ornament! In real time, the whole ornament takes me several minutes to paint. Here you can watch me paint the deer shape.

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