Rocky Mountain North Star Ornament

Rocky Mountain North Star Ornament

The North Star ornament is one I've had in my collection for years

It's one that seemed to naturally fit in with the Rocky Mountain National Park theme. So with some small changes, it's now available in this collection as well.
The magic of this ornament comes from the starry sky. I hand paint each spot of white to create a clear, cool night sky.
This ornament can be purchased at Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Sketch

Rocky Mountain North Star Ornament Sketch

The birch trees are painted around the entire ball, with a night sky full of stars. I also include one crystal as the North Star next to one of the trees.

The Prototype

Rocky Mountain North Star Ornament

This ornament starts off just like the birch + magpie ornament, with white birch tree trunks and branches. I paint the thin branches with my thinnest brush. The night sky is painted with an applicator bottle and a tiny metal tip. This gives me great control over where I place each star and how big it is. The last step is to glue on the clear crystal accent star.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the North Star ornament! In real time, the whole ornament takes me several minutes to paint. Here you can watch me paint the starry sky with my applicator bottle.

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North Star