Rocky Mountain Moose Ornament

Yellowstone Gold Moose Ornament

There's something magical seeing a moose in the woods

There are moose here in upstate NY, but it's different seeing them anywhere else.
Sure, it's the same animal. But the moose in Rocky Mountain National Park seem, somehow, more magical. Maybe it's the scenery.
This ornament is available to purchase in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Sketch

Rocky Mountain Gold Moose Ornament Sketch

I wanted this moose ornament to feel just as magical as seeing one in the forests of Rocky Mountain National Park. I studied our photos to make sure the body shape was just right.

The Prototype

Rocky Mountain Gold Moose Ornament

The magic in this design comes from layers of trees painted in shades of gold. The moose was painted in gold with a paint bottle and applicator tip. I don't sketch the body shape first, as you'll see in the video. I freehand the shape and adjust it to make it just right. That way each moose is slightly different, and unique.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the Gold Moose ornament! In real time, the whole ornament takes me several minutes to paint. Here you can watch me paint the moose shape.

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