Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs Ornament

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs Ornament

To design an ornament for Mammoth Hot Springs

I wanted to be sure to capture the dramatic scenery.
There is such an incredible difference between the vibrant green fields in the valley and the otherworldly hot springs.
And that doesn't even capture the amazing sight of watching an elk wander through the springs.
This ornament is available to purchase in Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

The Sketch

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs Ornament Sketch

The hot springs needed to be the main part of this ornament. But in my sketches, I wanted to add in the lush fields nearby that are so popular with the local elk.

The Prototype

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs Ornament

The landscape at Mammoth was painted in shades of green and brown. But to paint the hot springs themselves, I needed a completely new technique. The water isn't brushed on, it's applied with a bottle. And the steam was made with thin white paint.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the Mammoth Hot Springs ornament! In real time, this ornament takes me several minutes to paint, but you can watch it in just over a minute.

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