Yellowstone Gold Moose Ornament

Yellowstone Gold Moose Ornament

My family was lucky enough to see moose in Yellowstone

We watched a bull and cow for over an hour as they made their way through the forest.
We were told there had been a cow and calf in the area the day before.
Many people consider seeing a moose a highlight of their Yellowstone trip. I wanted this ornament to commemorate that, whether you were lucky enough to see one or not.
This ornament is available to purchase in Yellowstone National Park.

The Sketch

Yellowstone Gold Moose Ornament Sketch

In designing this ornament, I wanted the moose to be hiding in the trees. Just like the ones we saw. I also studied our photos to make sure I got the body shape just right.

The Prototype

Yellowstone Gold Moose Ornament

I wanted this ornament to feel magical. I painted layers of trees in shades of gold first. The moose was painted in gold with a bottle applicator. I don't sketch the body shape first, as you'll see in the video. I freehand the shape and adjust it to make it just right. That way each moose is slightly different, and unique.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the Gold Moose ornament! In real time, the whole ornament takes me several minutes to paint. Here you can watch me paint the moose shape.

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