Yellowstone Upper Falls Ornament

Yellowstone Upper Falls Ornament

When I was asked to create an ornament for Upper Falls

I was humbled. The challenge of painting waterfalls is not easy. But I knew I could do it.
It took lots of layers to paint the background mountains, and several different brushes. But I love how it turned out. This ornament is the one I'm most proud of.
This ornament is available for purchase in the gift shop near Upper Falls in Yellowstone National Park.

The Sketch

Yellowstone Upper Falls Ornament Sketch

The photo I used to draw my sketch showed the complicated levels of the Upper Falls, and a bridge in the distance. I wanted to highlight those details in the ornament.

The Prototype

Yellowstone Upper Falls Ornament

The textures of this ornament are what make it so detailed. The rocks, trees and sky all have their place. But the water is what brings this painting to life. I used a thinned white paint for the shape of the falls, and thick white paint in an applicator bottle to add the gushes and splashes of water.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the Upper Falls ornament! In real time, this ornament takes me several minutes to paint, but you can watch it in just over a minute.

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