Yellowstone Lamar Valley Ornament

Yellowstone Lamar Valley Ornament

The scenery of Lamar Valley was unforgettable

That's what I wanted to capture with this ornament design.
I especially wanted to show the bison. They're such incredible animals. Watching them in their world is incredible and worth remembering.
This ornament is available to purchase in Yellowstone National Park.

The Sketch

Yellowstone Lamar Valley Ornament Sketch

I wanted the bison in Lamar Valley to be front and center for this ornament design. They needed to be surrounded by a lush valley and mountains in the background.

The Prototype

Yellowstone Lamar Valley Ornament

I blended the bright green paints to create the grassy fields of Lamar Valley. The bison were painted last. Their body structure is unlike anything else I've painted. I made their large bodies with a larger brush than the tiny brush I used to paint their thin legs.

Watch Me Work

Press Play below to watch me painting the Lamar Valley ornament! In real time, this ornament takes me several minutes to paint, but you can watch it in just over a minute.

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